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Nikhi Bhambra

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I am a fourth year CS, Statistics, and Math student at the University of Toronto with a fascination for software engineering, neural networks for research on cognition, and data science methodologies.

I am also a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in UI Design, Product Design, and UX Writing — because even the smartest programs should be beautiful.


  • Python
  • Java, Unix, C
  • SQL, Git, R

Web Development

  • HTML, CSS & JS
  • React, Node
  • GraphQL, APIs
  • PHP, Wordpress


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Figma, XD

Education 🎒

September 2017 - April 2022

University of Toronto (BSc)

Computer Science
  • CSC108 Intro to Computer Programming
  • CSC148 Intro to Computer Science
  • CSC165 Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for CS
  • CSC207 Software Design
  • CSC209 Software Tools and Systems Programming
  • CSC236 Theory of Computation
  • CSC263 Data Structures & Analysis
  • CSC343 Intro to Databases
  • CSC311 Intro to Machine Learning
Cognitive Science
  • COG250 Intro to Cognitive Science
  • COG260 Data, Computation, and the Mind
  • PSY270 Intro to Cognitive Psychology
  • PHL342 Minds & Machines
  • COG403 Human Cognition and Artificial Intelligence
  • PSY493 Cognitive Neuroscience
  • STA247 Probability with Computer Applications
  • STA248 Statistics for Computer Scientists
  • MAT135 & MAT136 Calculus I
  • MAT235 Calculus II
  • MAT223 Linear Algebra I
  • MAT224 Linear Algebra II

Writing 📝

Entrepreneurship Hatchery hosts Demo Day 2019

The Varsity Newspaper (Sept. 2019)

The dark web: drugs, hitmen, and the future of online privacy

The Varsity Magazine (Dec. 2018)

Rotman hosts AI industry leaders for machine learning conference

The Varsity Newspaper (Oct. 2018)

Code 💻

COVID-19 University Response Consolidation

React, MySQL, Chart.js

Database Engineer @ UBC Climate Hub

Python/Flask, MongoDB, Javascript

Design 🎨

The Varsity Magazine

Sept. 2018 - April 2019